Activities of the Federation

Public activity

In 2010-2012 Federation is actively working on establishing contacts with associations of different industries to spread the idea of franchising and joint holding of various events on franchising.

International activities

In 2010 - 2012's Federation is working to establish contacts with the Chairmen’s of the Trade Councils of foreign embassies in Ukraine. The main goal: positioning Ukrainian business as a reliable partner in franchising area, hospitality and infrastructure, attracting foreign franchises on the Ukrainian market, providing assistance for domestic franchises and their suppliers in operating on the foreign markets.

Educational activities

Among the Federation targets are educational activities that help entrepreneurs and companies:

  • Understand the essence of franchising and its benefits;
  • Building own franchising model;
  • Select the best own franchise;
  • Improving own professional level;
  • Gaining qualification of specialist in franchising.

For this purposes Federation developed based on best international experience program of “Franchising Open University”.

Federation also organizes the translation of literature on franchising and international legislative documents on franchising.

Legislative activities, lobby

Federation aim at improvement of legislation for franchising in Ukraine and in sphere of small and medium businesses. To do this, the Federation takes an active part in development of:

  • Law on franchising in Ukraine;
  • National programs for small and medium business;
  • Municipal development programs for small and medium business;
  • Recommendations on Tax and Customs Codes etc.;
  • Community Council on self-regulation – State committee of Ukraine for regulatory policy and entrepreneurship (SCURPE)


Publishing activity

By means of print and CD products members of the Federation, partners and supporters can deeply cognize with all aspects of franchising:

  • Digest;
  • CD;
  • Books;
  • Magazines;
  • Catalogs.


Public activities


The most important event of life of The Federation is annual Forum “Franchising, Hospitality, Infrastructure”, which is held at the beginning of December. The purpose of the forum is to share experience, highlight the main events in franchising of the previous year, to hear the opinion of international experts and representatives of international and government organizations and to forecast the next year.


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International activities:

  • With a help of Federation you can:
  • Attend the most important events of franchising in the world;
  • Get visa’s support;
  • Be represented on the international exhibition (organization of the stand);
  • Organization of the collective departure to the international exhibitions, escort and translation;
  • International contacts.
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